Valencia 2015/16 Home Soccer Jersey

Valencia 2015/16 Home Soccer Jersey
Valencia in Spain team today launched the 2015-16 new home kit, adidas bring New Jersey for the team, as always, adhere to the club’s tradition of black and white.
Release new kit for the theme of the “Cuando lo das todo por tu camiseta (you will pay the all jersey)”, cooperate with the release of the New Jersey, the club launched ads. AD perspective with your players to experience together, rehabilitation training, competition, war and so on, the feeling of the experience to win with continuous efforts, and announced at the end of the film to let people pay all new black and white shirt.
New Jersey insists the club’s classic tradition of black and white, white shirt shoulder adidas stripes and cuff at the bottom of the decoration is black, New Jersey and a concise V is gotten, the front chest above have delicate longitudinal fine lines, all these constitute the classic appearance. Here are black shorts and white socks.
Last season valencia shirt left sleeve of the printing of a written GloVal armband new one printed, this is a cooperation with Glo television by valencia club football and youth development project. New season GloVal new one project advertising was moved to the shirt collar.

Chelsea Home Jersey 2015-16

Chelsea Home Jersey 2015-16
Local time, premier league Chelsea football club will be in London on July 15, 2015-16 official launch the New Jersey, the blues on social networking sites official revealed a couple of pictures in advance, to can see New Jersey from just a little.
Pictures on the five Chelsea players is triangular, centring is domineering roars diego – costa. His blue shirt emblazoned with the wording in yokohama rubber and red logo, collarband adopts Polo double buckle design, with red and white pinstripe hook, with previous exposure photos of physical objects are almost identical.
Diego – costa is behind the same expression object of Chelsea captain John terry, who was lovely and warm way Oscar was uncharacteristically face, show that although ten thousand people I grown in the past. Azar and figure.

Napoli Home Soccer Jersey 2015-16

Napoli Home Soccer Jersey 2015-16
Naples, Italy, the club’s training session, in a pre-season team released 2015-16 new home kit, prestigious Italian sports fashion brand Kappa to become the club’s new equipment suppliers, sky blue still is the eternal theme of Naples.15napolihome

Close-fitting clipping and white turtleneck inherits the traditional Italian style, Kappa jersey Kappa for Naples provides New Jersey has unparalleled innovation performance and comfort, the new lightweight fabric has the ductility, permeability and comfort at the same time, the outer fabric joining together to reduce the friction damage to the skin, side also joined the laser air holes.



Bayern Away Soccer Jersey 2015/16

Bayern Away Soccer Jersey 2015/16
Adidas company hand in hand with the bundesliga champions bayern Munich club today announced the 2015-16 new away kit, to meet the coming of the bundesliga season.
New Jersey is a combination of the bundesliga overlord of the traditional and the current popular trend, with its young appearance, perfectly integrated into the daily leisure style.
The main characteristic of New Jersey is on the chest, a set of colored horizontal stripes have a midnight blue, red and gray (dark blue). Shoulders are red adidas stripes and blue cuffs.
New Jersey (adizero) will provide players with faster speed and comfort, it is a super lightweight fabric permeability, while brings unparalleled freedom, also does not harm the elasticity and durability. Fans version jersey (climacool) also can give the fans keep cool and dry.
Away shorts are white, the side is red adidas stripes, also white socks, and shirt style is consistent, also have on socks and shirt bosom the same ring.Bayern Away
Away kit for home kit and before launch, there is a remarkable characteristics, dark white edge placement is connected at the bottom of the diamond pattern, on behalf of all over the world millions of bayern Munich club.
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bayern jersey

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The champions league ten coach: 60 years ancelotti tops

Established from 1955-1955 season, the champions league this year ushered in the 60 years, we will be the goalkeeper, defenders, midfield, shadow front, center, and coach six position, have chosen the best top 10 champions league over the past 60 years.
First to bring the champions 60 years of top ten coach, the coach can directly through the scores to reflect, so we made a very quantitative ranking criteria: 1) the first look at the number of the champions league; 2) title number same look at second; 3) the first two same different team led to see if the title; 4) the first three are the same look at players age champions league record.
We’ll start with the first ten:

Top 10: Pep guardiola
pep guardiola

Title: 2009, 2011 (Barcelona)
The champions league two championship coach in the history of many, but the melon handsome first led to an unprecedented six crown, all six times in the champions league, run to the semi-finals itself is great achievement. Plus he as a midfield with Barcelona won a champions league, and this made him successful crowd out arrigo sacchi, vicente del bosque and krogh, gutman handsome broke into the list. But because the melon handsome of Barcelona and bayern Munich are a powerful cosmos, questioned by a lot of his coaching ability, even if stop four hears of class. But there is no denying the fact that the melon handsome is still a great tactician.

TOP9: Jose mourinho
jose mourinho
Title: 2004 (Porto), 2010 (inter)
From the same from Barcelona coach jose mourinho to kill melon handsome is fall in love, two people have to beat the other party to enter the finals and win (10 and 11 years), was also at the same time semi-final (12 years), then the final winning percentage is 100%, so we would like to see two people in the final showdown. Mourinho ranked than black melon handsome because has led Porto, his presence has upended the pattern of European football, 10 years again with the defensive counter-attack to inter after 45 years. Instead, he coached the longest Chelsea and real Madrid, has failed to make mussina taste the taste of the champions league.

TOP8: Herrera
Title: 1964, 1965 (inter); Runner-up: 1972 (inter)
Herrera is a master of defensive coaching inter is one of the important revolution in Italian football, he made facchetti – guar neri – skin – Boolean furnish dream line and be inter dominate the winner of Europe. Before herrera, the competing stage of the champions league is more a superstar abilities, coach is the club’s puppet, whereas herrera opens the coach times. When people recall the five-star real Madrid, will say that’s stefano real; But when people recall “big international era”, would say that is the inter herrera. The meaning of this is herrera, his new interpretation of the manager’s role and value.

TOP7: Ottmar hitzfeld
Ottmar hitzfeld
Title: 1997 (more), 2001 (bayern Munich); Runner-up: 1999 (bayern Munich)
Ottmar hitzfeld is not only distinguished itself, in the bundesliga in the champions league is very successful, he is the champions league since the first restructuring led different team manager of the title, in 1997 he led borussia Dortmund so far the only time won the champions league. Came to bayern, handsome showed extraordinary charm as a coach, his management of kahn, effenberg personality players was very successful, kahn and effenberg has outstanding performance will be returned to the coach’s trust, they become 01 bayern win ShouGong subjects.

TOP6: Josef Heynckes
Josef Heynckes
Title: 1998 (real Madrid), 2013 (bayern Munich); Runner-up: 2012 (bayern Munich)
13 years in the champions league semi-final, bayern two legs away a bloodbath Barcelona, people exclaim, has replaced the German giants Barcelona became the new cosmos, and has created this universe team is the sea due to the Bronx. He is also the founder of the dynasty at the turn of the century real Madrid. Maine, is not only a great coach, but also a great striker. Players of the era of he following borussia moenchengladbach in the champions league, won the champions league top scorer, 75-75 season, a season after the final, narrowly beat Liverpool reached its zenith.

TOP5: Ernst happel
ernst happel
Title: 1970 (feyenoord), 1983 (Hamburg); Runner-up: 1978 (bruges)
In all two champions league one of the coaches, Austrian ernst happel is probably the most special one, he is the only one to lead three different team into the final boss, and three teams are not traditional giants. Let the light of smaller teams in Europe on the top of the bloom, perhaps ernst happel magic power, and that the final opponent ernst happel are various periods overlord: on the champions league with Johnston’s celtics, with dalglish’s Liverpool, Juventus with michel platini and Paul rossi.

TOP4:Sir Alex ferguson
Title: 1999, 2008 (Manchester united); Runner-up: 2009, 2011 (Manchester united)
Sir Alex ferguson is the premier league history the greatest coach in the champions league 60 years has left great feats. 11 years in the final, camera recorded the ferguson trembling hands, this is one of the most emotional moment in the champions league. Stage magic reversal final in 99, Manchester united, Sir Alex ferguson’s two substitution as inspiration, “fergie time” became united fans believe guardian. That day is on May 26, 1999, is a lead Manchester united’s uefa champions league busby, a 90 – year – old MingShou, so choose to Sir Alex ferguson is more a kind of means that surpassed The Times, it was Manchester united in the long history, the epitome of suffering, frustration and growth.

TOP3: Munoz
Title: 1960, 1966 (real Madrid); Runner-up: 1962, 1964 (real Madrid)
Munoz is considered to be the greatest coach in the history of real Madrid, no one. Him and Sir Alex ferguson, in the same team completed two champions league two glorious, but munhoz as a player with real Madrid won 56-58 three season’s champions league champions, players and coaches a total of five champions league, let him more than Sir Alex ferguson added a legend. From ancient times to the wild tactics constantly updating in the 70 s, munoz 14 years gained 15 coach Madrid champions.

TOP2:Bob Paisley
Title: 1977, 1978, 1981 (Liverpool)
Paisley is the champions league title three times in the first coach, he coached by Liverpool in the champions league created England team unprecedented brilliance, he signed in the summer of 77 Kenny dalglish, graeme souness and Alan Hansen, and build a perfect central axis. Although low-key paisley is much less than the shankly becomes famous, even not as good as Gerard houllier, benitez is well known, but he devoted to build a dynasty invincible in the champions league, it is worth the reds fans will never forget.

TOP1: Carlo ancelotti
Title: 2003, 2007 (AC milan), 2014 (real Madrid); Runner-up: 2005 (AC milan)
Last season, ancelotti has tied the record the champion of paisley, three champions league one and let him become the champions league, one of the most successful coach in the history of his parma, Juventus, Chelsea and Paris saint-germain have left a footprint in the champions league. Compared to other coach, carlo ancelotti times more successful, led Rome into the champions league final defeat to Liverpool in 1984, 89, 90, twice as main with milan won the champions league, with 11 of his with roberto donadoni, frank rijkaard and Marco van basten and ruud gullit formed in the history of the best straight flush. So brilliant resume, first well-deserved.