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    1. Hi friend,
      your order IS00004213 was succeed, and have received the package

      for this situation, could try with other payment channel or other credit card, or could pay by wetern union or bank transfer.

    2. Sorry for the late reply. we accept credit card, western union, moneygram and bank transfer.
      could add my whatsapp: Phone:+8613076866795
      Name: Jack Wu
      will reply you as soon as by whatsapp

  1. hi. I would like to know why my order takes so long to arrive! Payment made on 03/12/14 still have not comforting news! tracking of the parcel is stopped in Guangzhou from 09/12/14, without any updates. The order is IS00000594. can I get news ??

    1. sent with Hongkong post, tracking number : EA069161254CN . it have been delivered.

  2. good Morning,
    I received this morning the order n. 62094 EA063229925CN, DHL-4913108303 in which, however, lacked the following products:

    Size – Adult Extra Large
    Shorts – With Shorts
    Bayern – No name or number
    Name – DIEGO
    Number – 13

    1 ea. 14/15 AC Milan Home Soccer Jersey

    Size – Adult Small
    Shorts – With Shorts
    AC Milan – Customize name and number
    Name – ALBY
    Number – 10

    1 ea. 14/15 Manchester United 3rd Away Blue Soccer Jersey

    Size – Adult Large
    Shorts – With Shorts
    M_United – ROONEY 10

    1 ea. 14/15 Inter Milan Home Soccer Jersey (Player)

    Size – Adult Extra Large
    Shorts – Without Shorts
    Inter – Customize name and number
    Name – FABIO


    You can send me without additional charge, or you give me back the money of the missing items directly in my credit card?


    Gessica Viscardi

    1. if you have order problem, please write email to our worker. blog don’t solve order problem. thanks.

  3. buongiorno, vorrei avere informazioni sul mio ordine:
    Order Information – Order #60521

  4. about to pay for my order, just want to see a list of the jerseys to make sure everything is correct. order number is 60250

  5. i would like yo ask more information about the size and how much the shippment to italy?

    1. contact us with email as soon as possible, our worker will help you. don’t worry about it.

  6. J’ai acheter deux maillots plus un short mais je nai pas recu le short , pourquoi?

  7. hi i want know how i can pay the order, you accept only credit card? i can pay whit paypal? thank

    1. we don’t have it yet. if we have it , we will put news at our facebook. regards

  8. Ciao, vorrei avere notizie riguardante il mio ordine 58815.. grazie attendo risposta

  9. Hi. Can you tell me the trackin numer of my order? 58744 and 58916. Thank you

  10. news? my order: 58633 Serial No Transaction ID (10080):

  11. Hello my order is 58423 and haven’t received a verification besides my payment. Can I get a tracking number? Thank you.

  12. Salve, sono francesco di toma, circa due settimane fà, ho ordinato una divisa del milan, tra quanto ancora dovrò aspettare per arrivarmi la divisa?

  13. Ciao Vorrei avere notizie riguardante il mio ordine numero 53102. pare sia fermo in dogana, che devo fare?


    1. Don’t worry . For order problem, please contact our worker with email , they will help you to solve this problem. thanks.

  14. buongiorno vorrei avere notizie riguardante al mio ordine numero 52610
    grazie in anticipo

  15. Hello,

    Are there any socks for children? And also soccer boots for children?

    kind regards

  16. Ho ordinato un completo è ancora non è in Italia EA044086760CN potete darmi notizie?

  17. Hi i’ve done The order in 18.2, now is 1.4 and The pack still not in Italy !!! Could you phone to EMS for info?
    Order #50878

    1. Your item was delivered(REPUBLIC OF ITALY 27) at 2014-04-03 14:35:00
      Signed for by:DESANTIS

  18. Salve ho acquistato 7 completi ma ne sono Arrivati ​​solo 5. Come mai? potrebbero Arrivare con Una Spedizione seguente?

    1. for order problem, please write email to us . our worker will help you solve this problem. thanks

  19. salve ho acquistato 7 completini ma me ne sono arrivati solo 5 . come mai? cosa posso fare? potrebbero arrivare con una spedizione seguente?

  20. Hi I can not find my tracking number.

    This is my order

    Merchant Order No.: 50811 Transaction ID(10080): N2014031611583062666329

    Could you please email me my tracking number?


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