KaKa : Back to Milan ?

Former AC milan star kaka was interviewed by FIFA’s official TV station, he did not rule out the possibility of return to milan, he knows that the door to milan will always open to him, he also praised his good friend cristiano ronaldo.
“One day return to milan? I don’t know, now I am happy in the United States. I like to play in milan, I know where the door will open up to me.”
What to do after retirement, 33 years old Brazilian replied: “I think I won’t do the coach, at least now I don’t like it. In a few years after I retired to consider the question.”
When asked about Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo contrast, kaka is so answer: “they are two different, messi is a genius, ronaldo is god, the god of modern football, he is having it all: speed, fantastic feet, free throws. Yet to me he is the symbol in football today.

Inter Milan contact Banega

Banega added has become the international milan’s summer transfer target.
According to sky sports news reports, the nerazzurri have been set up for the transfer of the summer, in order to continue to strengthen the team’s strength, the expiring contract of sevilla midfielder, in addition to inter’s goal. International milan sporting director alex del piero – oce Leo has made contact with the player’s agent.
Within the gal was born in 1988, the secretary midfielder, has a good ability of organization and the big picture.

tracking numbers

IS00003667 DHL3199466410

70600-1 DHL1747976440
70600-2 DHL2386938573
IS00003569 EA126723905CN
70609-70588 -1 DHL2386847805
70609-70588 -2 DHL3199700836
70610 DHL1747958656
70611 EA126723940CN
70612 DHL1747963556
IS00003671 EA126723919CN
IS00003672 DHL1747990580

70613 RI840283046CN
70614 EA126723321CN
70615 -1 DHL2386838543
70615 -2 DHL1747968655
70618 -1 DHL1747990580
70618 -2 DHL6530107646
70619 EA126723370CN
IS00003557 RI840283050CN
70444 EA126723366CN
IS00003677 DHL1747980054

70626 EA126723278CN
70627 DHL1747974255
70628 EA126723264CN
IS00003684 DHL6530108626
IS00003681 EA126723318CN
IS000003680 EA126723304CN
IS00003679 DHL2386831672
70616 -1 EA126723352CN
70616 -2 DHL2386970596

70152-1 DHL6530106736
IS00003685 DHL6530106725
IS00003687 EA126723471CN
70629-70624 -1 DHL6530106762
70629-70624 -2 EA126723468CN
70630 DHL6530106806
70632 DHL6530106854

Inter milan and vidic have terminateed the contract.

Inter milan released officially announced with the nemanja vidic.
The Serbian centre-half since joining and Manchester united last season, but due to injuries, such as have not been able to adapt to serie a. During his 28 games for the team, scoring a goal.
Nemanja vidic said: \”thanks to Inter, wish the club to success in the future. Forza system!\” While inter in the club’s official website said hope everything goes well with nemanja vidic in the future career.
At present, a free agent nemanja vidic can join other teams in the winter window.

Tracking numbers

IS00003613 EA117272685CN
IS00003614 EA117272725CN
IS00003618 EA117272663CN EA117272677CN EA117272629CN
IS00003610 DHL1392587195
70513 -1 DHL1392611640
70513 -2 DHL3338785483
70515-70510 -1 DHL1392583846
70515-70510 -2 DHL8231572495

70518 EA117270279CN
70519 EA117270251CN
70520 EA117270319CN
70522 DHL8231522666
70525 DHL4958447336
70532 EA117270296CN
IS00003620 DHL4958444164
IS00003621-IS00003606-1 DHL6530109761
IS00003621-IS00003606-2 DHL6530109820
IS00003621-IS00003606-3 DHL6530109805
IS00003621-IS00003606-4 DHL6530109864
IS00003621-IS00003606-5 DHL6530109842
IS00003622 DHL1108433760
IS00003625 DHL4958482071
70521 EA117270203CN
Juber Bassal -1 DHL4958440410
Juber Bassal -2 DHL3338775650

70536 DHL4958458536
IS00003631 DHL4958454863
70281 EA117270129CN
69770 -1 DHL8614806340 被扣 EA117270146CN EA117270163CN
70298 EA117274015CN 被扣 EA126724891CN
IS000003632 EA117270044CN

70539 DHL3338778435
70541 DHL3338757203
70542 RT299236977HK
IS000003634 DHL3338754296
IS00003636 EA126724980CN
70547 EA126725000CN

IS00003639 DHL6530108851
IS00003640 DHL1108441364
70553 EA126724812CN

IS00003648 DHL9611326734
IS000003649 DHL1108410096
IS00003650 EA126724874CN
70554 RT299238315HK
70555 EA126724769CN
70556 EA126724786CN
70563 EA126724809CN

70572 DHL6530109411
70573 DHL6530109433
70574 EA117270027CN
70578 EA126724168CN
IS00003656 -1 DHL6530109455
IS00003656 -2 DHL6530109470
IS00003657 DHL6530109400
IS0003658 DHL6530109422
70371 DHL6530109444

700029 EA126724106CN
70581 EA126724070CN
70583 EA126724066CN
IS00003661 EA126724035CN

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