Tracking numbers 20-30.Aguest 2015

68133 EA122422238CN
68134 RC298081284HK
68137 EA122422255CN
67138 EV965966256CN
68146 EA122422122CN
68147 EA122422167CN
68163 EA122422224CN
68165 EA122422286CN

68167 EA122422048CN
68176 LS016750673CN
68177 EA122422065CN
68180 EA122422082CN
68183 DHL8221037005
68186 DHL8221037123
68187 DHL8221037156
68190 EA122422105CN
68191 EA122422140CN

67948 LS020761377CN
68201 EA123839878CN
68203 LS020769185CN
68204 DHL8221036316
68200-1 EA123839904CN
68200-2 EA123839881CN
68195-1 DHL8221036320
68195-2 EA123839665CN
IS00002343 -68171-1 DHL8221036353
IS00002343 -68171-2 DHL8221036364
IS00002341-1 DHL8221036390
IS00002341-1 DHL8221036401
IS00002341-3 DHL8221036434
IS00002341-4 DHL8221036445
IS00002341-5 DHL8221036482
IS00002342 DHL8221036515
IS00002346 DHL8221036471
IS00002347 EA123839674CN

68206 EA123839833CN
68208-1 DHL8221037134
68208-2 DHL8221037145
IS00002355 DHL8221037171
68195-3 EA123839847CN
IS00002359-68207-1 DHL8221037182
IS00002359-68207-2 DHL8221037215
IS00002360-IS00002357 DHL8221037226
IS00002361 EA123839436CN
IS00002362 EA123839440CN

68219 EA122421864CN
IS00002373 RI585441999CN
IS00002377 EA122421881CN
68055 DHL8221036176 RI585442005CN
68055 DHL8221036176 RI585442019CN
68013 LS027645574CN
IS00002371 DHL8221036552
IS00002338 EA122421921CN

IS00002388 LS027662334CN
68224 RC298081205HK
68225 EA123839691CN
68226 RC298081196HK
68230 DHL8221039735
68232 EA123839705CN
68233 EA123839626CN
IS00002390 EA123839762CN
IS00002405 EA123839776CN
IS00002406 EA123839780CN
68235 DHL8221038954

IS00002407 DHL8221038346
IS00002411 DHL8221038324
IS00002423 DHL8221038302
68241 EA123838722CN
68240 DHL8221038280
68239 EA123838682CN
68238-68199 -1 DHL8221038350
68238-68199 -2 DHL8221038335
68238-68199 -3 DHL8221038313
IS00002427 DHL8221038405
IS00002434 RC298081219HK

IS00002435 DHL8221039945
IS00002437 DHL8221039956
IS00002439 DHL8221039960
68246 EA123838458CN
68249 DHL8221039971
68252 EA123838492CN
68253-1 DHL8221039470
68253-2 DHL8221039481
68258-1 DHL8221039492
68258-2 DHL8221039503
68263 RC298081165HK
IS00002441 DHL8221039514
IS00002440 DHL8221039525
IS00002443 EA123838529CN
68266 EA123838489CN

68269 EA123839285CN
68274 EA123839294CN
68285 EA123839277CN
IS00002444 EA123839175CN
IS000002445+IS00002447-68272-1 DHL8221038593
IS000002445+IS00002447-68272 -2 DHL8221038571
IS00002446 DHL8221038556
67960 DHL8221038766
68125 EA123839250CN
67918 EA123839189CN
68298 DHL8221038744

IS00002453 DHL8221038722
IS00002456 DHL8221038700
IS00002457 DHL8221038685
68290 -1 DHL8221038770
68290 -2 DHL8221038755
68291 EA123838890CN
68292 EA123839246CN
68293-1 DHL8221038733
68293-2 DHL8221038711
68299 EA123839263CN
68300 LS038915989CN
68301 LS038929585CN

68302 EA123838798CN
68305 RC298081046HK
68308 EA123838943CN
68309 EA123838855CN
IS00002461 EA123838767CN
IS00002465 DHL8221038033

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2.Delivery Company: (eg: EMS-EA038245515CN or EV992748352CN, DHL-4750820572, FEDEX-803941235407, HONGKONG POST-RC935486755HK)
3.”62573-1,62573-2,62573-3,62573-4″ mean for order 62573, the 1st package “62573-1″,the 2nd package “62573-2″,the 3rd pacakge “62573-3″…

Bruyne joining Manchester city contract within six years ,the number 17 shirt

Manchester city officials announced with Kevin DE signed a six-year contract within her. Belgium international will wear squad number 17, become the team following the Stirling, Delphi, the tower door di after another into the stadium to al-ittihad this summer. It is understood that the fee is about 74 million euro, and float up to the euro 80 million, such a high value is also broke the previous record of Manchester city to sign the euro 62.5 million sterling. His weekly salary is 300000 euros.
Joining Manchester city, for the DE brow within said: “as a footballer, I hope I can reach the highest level. At the same time, I think when the end of the season, the most important thing is that the team can get some titles and keep happy. No matter for the club, the players or fans, this is the most important thing.”

Real Madrid 3rd Away Jersey 2015/16

Real Madrid 3rd Away Jersey 2015/16
Adidas introduced a Manchester united, real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea, bayern Munich and AC milan six new away kit for the second top European clubs. 6 jerseys belong to \”the Spark in the night (night Spark)\” series, choose on behalf of the sky dark colors, six clubs history won a total of 28 European champions, from the great traditional heritage, enthusiastic fans of the club and the city culture of inspiration, adidas for every club brings a unique new shirt.
real madrid

Juan Cuadrado signs for Juventus from Chelsea on season-long loan

Juventus have completed the signing of Chelsea’s Juan Cuadrado on a season-long loan.

Cuadrado, who only moved to Stamford Bridge from Fiorentina in January, passed his medical in Turin on Tuesday morning before putting his signature on the paperwork to finalise his deal in the afternoon, the Bianconeri announced on their official website.

Speaking to Mediaset television prior to Juve’s opening Serie A fixture against Udinese on Sunday, Marotta confirmed that an agreement had been reached with the Blues and that the deal will go through in the morning.

“He’s going to join on a season-long loan,” Marotta said. “Only six months ago, he was bought for €35 million and today this opportunity arose and we’ve seized it and we hope to finalise it tomorrow morning. It’s now up to [coach Massimiliano] Allegri to work out where the players will play.”

Tracking numbers 19.Aguest 2015

67952 EA122422388CN
67963 DHL8221034091
67969- 67800 DHL8221033866
67588 DHL8221033844
67550-1 EA122422445CN EA122423689CN
samuel lagache  DHL8221033575
67970 DHL8221033881

67986 EA122423595CN
67985 DHL8221033763
67988-67748 RC298081620HK
IS00002243 LN154802127CN
IS00002244 DHL8221033715
IS00002246  LN154804560CN
IS00022247 LN154807950CN
68000 -1 DHL8221033726
68000 -2 DHL8221033671
67999 LN154810874CN
RI545221544CN RC298081616HK

68001 DHL8221034695
68002 EA122422723CN
68005 EA122422745CN
68013 -1 DHL8221034673
68015 DHL8221034920
IS00002249 DHL8221034905
IS00002254 LS002114527CN
IS00002248 DHL8221034883
IS00002240 DHL8221034861
IS00002238 EA122422768CN
68021 EA122422785CN

IS00002259 RC298081545HK
68025 EA122422476CN
68026-1 EA122422493CN
68026-2 EA122422516CN
68027 LN154797634CN
68031 DHL8221033645
68032 RC298081531HK
68033 -1 DHL8221033590
68033 -2 DHL8221033601
IS00002264-IS00002258-1 DHL8221033553
IS00002264-IS00002258-2 DHL8221033564

68036 EA122421728CN
68040 DHL8221035034
68042 EA122421780CN
68043 EA122421762CN
68045 EA122421820CN
68046 DHL8221035012
68047 RC298081514HK
IS00002269 RC298081505HK
68048 EA122421348CN
68044 DHL8221034990
IS00002273 – 68050 EA122421665CN

IS00002274 RC298081443HK
67852 EA122421475CN
68052 EA122421467CN
68055 DHL8221036176 DHL8221036224
68057 EA122421453CN

68058 EA122421189CN
68059 EA122421161CN
68062 EA122421161CN
68063 EA122421100CN
68066 LS009070278CN
68067 DHL8221036191
IS00002275 RC298081430HK
IS00002281 EA122421144CN
IS00002283 EA122421113CN
IS00002285 EA122421127CN

68068 EA122421056CN
IS00002286 DHL8221035443
68078 DHL8221035432
68054 EA122421039CN
IS00002303 DHL8221035373
67723 EA122421025C

IS00002311 DHL8221035771
IS00002318 DHL8221035826
68086 EA122420912CN
68092 DHL8221035815
68091 -1 EA122420890CN
68091 -2 EA122420855CN
68091 -2 EA122420869CN
68098 EA122420872CN
68099 DHL8221035712

68100 EA122421246CN
68102 EA122421232CN
68104 EA122421229CN
68105 EA122421215CN
68106-IS00002308 -1 DHL8221037591
68106-IS00002308 -2 DHL8221037554
68106-IS00002308 -3 EA122421201CN
68107 EA122421192CN
68110 DHL8221037565
IS00002326 DHL8221037510
IS00002330-68118 EA122421691CN
1.please use “Ctrl+F”, find your tracking number easily.
2.Delivery Company: (eg: EMS-EA038245515CN or EV992748352CN, DHL-4750820572, FEDEX-803941235407, HONGKONG POST-RC935486755HK)
3.”62573-1,62573-2,62573-3,62573-4″ mean for order 62573, the 1st package “62573-1″,the 2nd package “62573-2″,the 3rd pacakge “62573-3″…

Real Madrid sign inter midfielder KOKACIC

Real Madrid club from inter milan officially sign KOKACIC, the two sides signed a six years, annual salary of 3 million euros. According to the “newspaper reported that Mr Qi’s transfer fee of 30 million euros.
The statement read: “real Madrid and inter milan club agree on the transfer of Mr Qi qi, Mr Qi qi will club real Madrid over the next six years. Mr Qi qi after checkup tomorrow, will be in tomorrow at the Santiago bernabeu, time for August 19, 13 points in the afternoon.”
Mr Qi was born on May 6, 1994, trainee with dinamo Zagreb. In January 2013, to 11 million euros and 4 million euros floating a fee to join inter milan. On January 10, 2015 in the morning, the international milan announced on its website, and Mr Qi’s contract until 2019. Effectiveness during the inter milan, a total of 97 appearances, scoring eight goals. National team, Mr Qi qi in August 2012 for the first time senior team up; On March 22, 2013, Mr Qi preliminary contest for the first time on behalf of Croatia’s lifetime caps, and luka modric in midfield. In June 2014, Mr Qi qi with the Croatian national team in the Brazilian World Cup.