Real Madrid sign inter midfielder KOKACIC

Real Madrid club from inter milan officially sign KOKACIC, the two sides signed a six years, annual salary of 3 million euros. According to the “newspaper reported that Mr Qi’s transfer fee of 30 million euros.
The statement read: “real Madrid and inter milan club agree on the transfer of Mr Qi qi, Mr Qi qi will club real Madrid over the next six years. Mr Qi qi after checkup tomorrow, will be in tomorrow at the Santiago bernabeu, time for August 19, 13 points in the afternoon.”
Mr Qi was born on May 6, 1994, trainee with dinamo Zagreb. In January 2013, to 11 million euros and 4 million euros floating a fee to join inter milan. On January 10, 2015 in the morning, the international milan announced on its website, and Mr Qi’s contract until 2019. Effectiveness during the inter milan, a total of 97 appearances, scoring eight goals. National team, Mr Qi qi in August 2012 for the first time senior team up; On March 22, 2013, Mr Qi preliminary contest for the first time on behalf of Croatia’s lifetime caps, and luka modric in midfield. In June 2014, Mr Qi qi with the Croatian national team in the Brazilian World Cup.